Fedora, Ubuntu, and SuSE Linux Soon To Be On The Windows Store

This is a little odd, but Microsoft will soon be distributing Linux. Popular distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, and SuSE, will soon be available through the Windows Store. Microsoft made this announcement at its Build 2017 keynote. The whole idea behind this is to make Linux distributions available to power users who want to run the operating systems in virtual machines, or to install Linux in a way that lets you run Linux applications directly on Windows 10.

linux windows

There will however be limits on what you can do with Linux that is on the Windows store. The OS cannot be installed in a separate partition / volume, which you can choose to boot from using a bootloader such as GRUB. The download from the Windows store does also not directly expose the .ISO disk image. You still will however be able to use Linux within Windows on a Virtual Machine and run Linux applications within Windows. This would be perfect for development testing, learning Linux, or even for schools to teach Linux.

linux windows2

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