Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Linux Blocked From Booting on Apple’s New MacBook Air

Apple recently announced their new MacBook Air with Retina display, which is a nice upgrade from older versions. Apparently it is impossible to boot with a Linux distribution on the new MacBook Air. This is because of the new T2 chip that manages Touch ID's Secure Enclave, APFS storage encryption or UEFI Secure Boot validation.

Steam Machines
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Valve Removes Steam Machine Section From Steam

It looks like Valve has quietly removed the Steam Machine section from Steam entirely. Before this change if you hovered over the Hardware category there was a Steam Machines link in the drop-down, which is now gone. Links to the Steam Controller, Steam Link, and Vive remain. Actually the entire Hardware page on Steam is now gone and anyone trying to go to it is redirected a search page.

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition
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Dell Unveils Linux Version of its XPS 13 Laptop

Dell has just announced a Linux-powered version of its very popular XPS 13 laptop that will be running Ubuntu Linux. Dell is calling this their "Developer Edition" and it gives consumers more of a choice when selecting the Dell XPS 13. Prices will range from $949 all the way up to $1849 depending on how powerful you want your machine to be.

Systena Unveil Tizen-Linux Powered Full HD Tablet
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Systena Unveil Tizen-Linux Powered Full HD Tablet

One of the Japanese companies called Systena announced the first Tizen-based tablet which is apparently the first Tizen product of any kind. The Tizen based operating system is basically a Web Kit runtime running on Linux Kernel and was build up with some important players like Intel, samsung and Linux foundation. Samsung has the license to the source developer kit (SDK) of Tizen 2.0. The device runs Tizen 2.0 Mangnolia operating system but is expected to get Tizen 2.1 at the time of launch for consumers.

Compulab MintBox 2
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Compulab MintBox 2 Unveiled

The CompuLab and Linux Mint won’t dishearten on the front because they have just unveiled the MintBox 2 which is a big time improvement to their open source mini PC. It’s the second generation compressed desktop that runs Linux Mint out of the box. While the predecessor ran embedded chips like AMD E series ‘Zacate’ APUs, the latest version gets its hands on Intel Core i5 that is allegedly four times faster than the AMD T56 present in the MintBox Pro . We personally presume that Compulab might be using mobile dual-core variants, which is considered to be four times as fast as an E-series APU.

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