SteamOS-like Linux Launcher ‘Playtron’ Announced; Suports Steam, Windows, And Epic Games

The primary benefit of the Steam Deck lies in its efficient and lightweight OS. This achievement owes much to Valve’s remarkable development of the Proton DirectX translation layer, facilitating the playability of contemporary Windows games on Linux. Enter Playtron, a startup with ambitions to transform this field.


Playtron is a Linux-based cross-vendor operating system designed to seamlessly accommodate both Steam and the Epic Games Launcher, with potential compatibility for other launchers as well. Addressing a gap in the gaming handheld market, Playtron endeavors to deliver a straightforward, cross-vendor, and cross-platform launcher capable of supporting multiple game libraries.


The project is spearheaded by a startup backed by $10 million in funding. Presently comprising just 18 employees, they’ve already developed an alpha software, tested by the Verge. Their Linux-based operating system boasts user-friendliness and excludes unnecessary software irrelevant to gaming needs. Unlike Windows, which presents challenges on smaller screens, prompting gamers to resort to overlays like PlayNite.


Currently, Playtron’s feature set might not be overly striking. It doesn’t offer game updating or installation capabilities, necessitating cooperation with Valve and Epic Games. However, Playtron functions as a serviceable launcher. As per The Verge, it adeptly handles games like Death Stranding, Dave the Diver, and Baltaro, demonstrating performance on par with the native Steam Deck during evaluations.


Playtron is actively pursuing collaborations with OEMs and mobile operators keen on incorporating its operating system into handheld devices. Should these initiatives encounter obstacles, there are contingency plans to unveil a dedicated Playtron handheld by the end of the year.


During this period, the initial public alpha version of Playtron is scheduled for release in the coming two months. This launch will allow gamers to provide feedback, potentially hastening the evolution of this innovative operating system. Noteworthy is Playtron’s adaptability, which spans beyond handheld devices to include other gadgets such as laptops and tablets.

Source: The Verge

Images: Playtron