First AMD A620 Mini-ITX Motherboard From Gigabyte To Be Launched Soon

It’s been a couple of weeks since the AMD A620 entry-level chipset for the AM5 socket was launched. However, ASUS, MSI, ASRock, and Biostar haven’t released any Mini-ITX motherboards with the A620 chipset yet. These companies had previously indicated that the motherboards would be available between June and July. However, there seems to be a possibility that we now have a sneak peek at the first one.

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The AMD A620 chipset does not allow CPU overclocking and does not provide support for PCIe Gen5. Additionally, the standard A620 motherboards do not have compatibility with high-wattage CPUs. However, the Mini-ITX board offered by Gigabyte might fall into a different category, potentially offering such support.

The Gigabyte UD A620I-AX is an affordable motherboard aimed at supporting two DDR5 memory modules and one PCIe Gen4 x16 device. It features two SATA ports and necessitates 24+8 pin power connectors for operation. This motherboard includes integrated WiFi-AX and an Ethernet port, potentially offering 2.5 GbE connectivity. Additionally, it provides a NVMe M.2 slot with a heatsink for high-speed storage.

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The company is anticipated to make an announcement about this product soon. The pricing is expected to be relatively higher, but it should still fall within the range of $100, which is currently the highest price seen for Gigabyte A620 motherboards.

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