First Benchmarks for i5-11400 Appears on Geekbench

Among all the processors in the Rocket Lake-S family, the Intel Core i5-11400 will be the cheapest. It will be based on the same configuration as its predecessor, 6 cores and 12 threads, and will only be 100 MHz faster than its Comet Lake i5-10400 counterpart.

Intel Core i5 11400 Specifications

Today the first benchmarks for i5-11400 have appeared on Geekbench. The sample was tested twice using an ASRock Z590M Pro4 motherboard and 16GB DDR4 RAM (2133 MHz).

Intel Core i5 11400 Score 1

The unreleased CPUs were not included in the official Geekbench 5 CPU ranking; hence the values are the average scores from all valid entries.

The single-core score of 1490 points makes the i5-11400 34% faster than its predecessor. As for the multi-core score, it is at 6576 points which is 16% more than the i5-10400.

Intel Core i5 11400 Score2

It is expected that Intel will launch the i5-11400 on 18th March with a price tag of USD 182.

Intel is expected to launch its 11th Gen Core series on 18th March.

Via Geekbench