First Intel Core i7-9700K Review Published

Spanish tech publication El Chapuzas Informático has released the first real review of the upcoming Intel Core i7-9700K processor. While we do not know the price of this chip, we can still get a good idea of performance based on the tests performed. There are a total of 14 test, 9 of which are the latest AAA games.

Looking at these results we can see that the i7-9700K matches up pretty well against the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X in most multi-threaded tests. It also takes the top spot in almost all of the gaming tests. One thing that is interesting is that the i7-9700K is not 33% faster than the i7-8700K, even though it has 33% more cores. This is likely because there is not HyperThreading with this chip. Check out all of the graphs below.

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