FlexiSpot Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series Review

Final Thoughts

I can without a doubt say that I have come to enjoy the option of standing while working. Going into this review I wouldn’t say that I was skeptical, but I was in no real hurry to try out an adjustable height desk. The FlexiSpot Pro Series has changed my mind, and the freedom of movement and the fact that I’m no longer constantly sitting for hours on end while working has been awesome. Changing my positioning throughout the day is made easy by the simple controls found on the desk, and moving from one setting to the next is as easy as pressing a button.

Another aspect of the FlexiSpot desk that I really liked were the customizations you could choose on their website. Multiple desktop surfaces, materials and sizes were available, as were stand colors and stand weight limits. FlexiSpot also offers quite a few add-on accessories like desk organizers, cable management, chairs, and even under-desk bikes. In addition to the Pro Series, FlexiSpot also has many other desk layouts and designs to choose from, with options for nearly every application or use-case.

FlexiSpot Pro Series

Putting together the desk once it arrived was a breeze, which I really appreciated. The instructions were clear and well documented, unlike most do-it-yourself types of products. The only tools needed were a screwdriver, and an Allen wrench, which was provided, so you definitely don’t have to be a carpenter or bonafide handyman in order to put this desk together.

Overall I was quite impressed with the Flexi Spot Pro Series desk. From the easy assembly to the easy-to-use height controls, this desk has brought a new source of enjoyment to my remote work setup. The configuration I created was priced at $449.99, though you can save around $50 by choosing a desktop material other than the bamboo that I chose. I think that is definitely an affordable price for a customized adjustable height desk. I found no faults with the FlexiSpot Pro Series, and ThinkComputers awards it with a 10 out of 10.

rating10 10


  • Solid Construction and Components
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Easy Assembly
  • Dual Motors
  • Easy Adjustment


  • None