FlexiSpot Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series Review

When Bob reached out to see if I was interested in taking a look at an adjustable standing desk, I was a bit hesitant to be honest. Sure, I knew he enjoyed using one, as did numerous people in my work office. But after some nudging, I agreed to have FlexiSpot send over a configuration of their Pro Series adjustable standing desk that I was able to customize to my liking. My existing workspace in my home office consists of a 60″ x 30″ white desktop with manually adjustable legs that I put together from components from our local home store; nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. FlexiSpot had a lot of options to choose from in their Pro Series, so I hopped on their website and used their desk customizer to configure a bamboo desktop measuring 48″ x 24″ that would sit on top of their Pro 2-stage frame. With my configuration submitted to FlexiSpot, it was just a matter of time before the shipment would arrive and assembly would begin. So how did the build process go, and have I converted to a sit/stand desk advocate? Read on to find out!

Special thanks to FlexiSpot for providing their Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series for review!

Specifications (as configured)

Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly level: Easy
Average assembly time: 15-30 mins
Assembly instructions: Available in package and online
Warranty: 5 years for frame, motor, and other mechanisms. 2 years for controller, switch, and electronics.
Dimensions: 48″ W x 24″ D x 0.7″ H
Colors: Natural Bamboo
Material: Bamboo
Motor type: Dual
Lifting speed: 1.26”/sec
Lifting capacity: 220 lbs
Noise level: Less than 50 dB
Height range (without top): 27.2″-46.5″
Length range: 47.2″-78″
Memory Presets: 3
Material: SPCC steel
Colors: Grey
Outlet voltage: 110-240V

My Configured Desk

FlexiSpot Pro Series

Like I mentioned earlier, I chose a desktop size that was quite a bit smaller than what I have been using for about five years. As I planned to use this desk as an alternative workspace when working remotely, I wanted something just a bit smaller than my quite large 60″ x 30″ desk, so the 48″ x 24″ size seemed just right. I also chose the bamboo material because I have always loved the look, and FlexiSpot mentions the added durability and elasticity of bamboo as opposed to other woods. They also coat the desktop with a water-resistant lacquer which makes it moisture-proof, insect-resistant, and scratch-proof. As configured, my review sample comes out to a price of $449.99, which can be reduced a bit by choosing a non-bamboo desktop material.

Packaging and Assembly

The FlexiSpot Pro Series desk came to me in two separate shipments. First the frame and all accessories showed up in a very heavy box, followed a few days later by the desktop itself.

FlexiSpot Pro Series

Inside the frame box, each component was protected by a plastic wrap or in a form-fitting cutout in the foam packing material. Other items were more heavily protected. Along with the frame, legs, and feet, all of the electronics were packaged within the larger exterior box. This includes the motor control box, power supply, control pad, and all necessary hardware needed for assembly.

FlexiSpot Pro Series

The desktop was equally as protected, if not even more so than the rest of the desk components. Each large surface of the desktop was protected by multiple foam pads, and each corner was encased in very sturdy cardboard and foam caps to help minimize any damage that might occur during shipping. Thankfully both of my boxes arrived without any noticeable damage, and that was reflected by the pristine components inside.

FlexiSpot Pro Series FlexiSpot Pro Series

As far as assembly goes, thankfully the legs and frame are already fully put together on their own. I only had to attach the legs to the frame and attach some additional supports. Once I had the frame assembled, I simply flipped it over onto the desktop, making sure to have the pre-drilled holes in the correct orientation to match up with the holes in the desktop supports. Once everything was in place, a few quick adjustments and tightening of the crossbar of the frame made sure everything was locked and loaded for desktop attachment.

FlexiSpot Pro Series

While FlexiSpot does provide pre-drilled holes for the control panel, I had to pick a spot for the motor control box and create my own holes for the included screws. On one hand this seems like a bit of an oversight, but it also allowed me to choose exactly where I wanted the control box. I chose to mount it behind the crossbar as to be more out of sight and to allow the power cable to be more towards the back of the desk. Connecting all of the components is a breeze, and the cable lengths are more than enough to reach the control box in nearly any location you would want to mount it.

FlexiSpot Pro Series

All of this assembly is completed with just a screwdriver and an included Allen wrench. Following the included instructions was very easy, and I was able to go from box to complete in just under 30 minutes.

FlexiSpot Pro Series