FNATIC Clutch2 Gaming Mouse Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
I’ve been using the Clutch2 gaming mouse for a few weeks now and I am really enjoying it. It actually replaced my FNATIC Flick2 mouse so it really did not take me that long to get used to it as they are very similar, but you can definitely feel that this is a right-handed mouse.

As far as games go I’ve mainly been playing Battlefield V and Fortnite. The mouse performs great and after a little customization it has become my daily driver. It slides effortlessly across my mouse pad, is extremely comfortable, and has just the right amount of buttons for the type of games that I play. The weight on the mouse seems just right too, it is not too heavy, but also not too light either.

FNATIC’s OP software allows for easy customization of the mouse and we’ve seen a lot of bad gaming software out there, but the OP software is quite good. You can easily remap your button and even set up macros in seconds. The mouse also comes with three profiles built in, so even if you plug the mouse into a different system they will be present.

The lighting on the mouse is not overdone, yes it is RGB, but you only have lighting on the FNATIC logo on the left side of the mouse and on the mouse wheel. Just enough RGB in my opinion. There are also three white indication LEDs that will let you know which profile you are on. This way you can just look at your mouse and see what profile you are on, so you don’t have to open the OP software.

Here we are again with another great FNATIC product! They really have done their homework when it comes to these products and the Clutch2 is no different. If there is anything bad I could say about this mouse is that I wish it had a braided cable, but that is it! Right now you can pick up the Clutch2 at our favorite online retailer for $59.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the FNATIC Clutch2 Gaming Mouse a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating9 10 TC award recommended

– Just enough buttons
– Very comfortable, even after long gaming sessions
– Not too much RGB
– PixArt 3360 sensor and OMRON switches
– Easy to use software

– Would have been nice to see a braided cable

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