Four reasons why you should create video content

Head to the internet and it will probably only be a matter of seconds before you come across some video content which is pleading with you to ‘play me.’ There’s a reason why there’s so much video on the web these days – purely and simply, it works. It entices people in, it can inform and/or entertain, and it’s watchable from most devices – including laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones. However, it can be used for all sorts of reasons and targeted at different audiences. Here are four reasons why video content can be so good.

It’s great marketing

If you’re starting a small company, you’re unlikely to have a huge web team, with content creators and social media gurus. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t stop you from putting video at the heart of your content marketing strategy. Compelling video content placed strategically on your website and social media channels, can really help raise the profile of your business and get people talking about it – for the right reasons. Ultimately, the idea is that all helps you to turn increased interest into increased revenue.

You could offer a ‘behind the scenes’ look around your company, short soundbites with some of your staff, testimonials from customers and coverage of any interesting events you lay on.

Your videos shouldn’t be long and unwieldy, they won’t be so attractive on the net and they may not get found as easily. You want to aim for short bursts of video, particularly on social media, and – more often than not – you should be adding captions to tell the story and to subtitle any voices. This is because many viewers are likely to be watching with the sound down or off.

It educates and informs

As well as commercial uses, great video content can also help a range of organisations spread the word. For example, a college could make a series of short films to promote a mental health campaign, which can be posted across social media channels to connect with students. Internally, video can also help with training programmes and to raise awareness of facilities and services available to staff. The opportunities are endless.

It’s getting cheaper and easier

A few years ago, many organisations would have had little choice but to call in an expert camera operator or production company to create a video for them – simply because they didn’t have the equipment or skills. Now, most people have the tools to film and edit simple videos at their fingertips. Filming on a smartphone has never been so easy, with good picture clarity and options to plug in a microphone, etc. the quality is now strong enough.

You can also find editing apps and software online to make simple cuts of your video, to add captions and to create basic effects. It all makes it easier than ever for non-specialists to come up with some good content.

It’s fun

Creating video, whether its at your company, or on a personal basis, can be a lot of fun. Some people find they have creative characteristics they never knew they had. It can also be a great social and morale-boosting experience for all those involved.

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