How To Set Up And Use LAN Messenger App At Your Office

At the office, it is absolutely vital to make sure that your workers are able to chat effectively with one another. However, it is also essential to make sure that your communications remain safe and secure. You just never know when a scammer or competitor is listening in to your conversations. This is why it is pertinent to make sure that your LAN messenger is safe. There are plenty of ways to solve this problem, but setting up and using a secure LAN messenger app is your best option. Below, you’ll learn how to set up and use one of these apps at your office.

Introducing A LAN Messenger

To ensure that you’re able to achieve your end goals, you should choose the right LAN messenger app. The Softros LAN messenger is ultimately a good choice. This program will give your workers the ability to communicative effectively, without having to worry about their conversations being stolen. Plus, the software is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X and Android. Plus, it is available in tons of different languages. This specific solution will be explored in greater depth below.

Easy Installation

One of the best things about this messenger app is the fact that the installation process is so simple. After all, your company cannot afford any lengthy downtime. This instant messenger comes with a straightforward interface, which will be easy to use for pretty much everyone. Suffice to say, you won’t have to worry about spending time or money training your workers. They’ll be able to figure out within a matter of seconds without any training whatsoever.

Totally Secure

More importantly, this program is designed to ensure that your work communications are safe and secure. The software will encrypt all data with AES-256. Plus, it works solely in your company’s network. This greatly reduces the chance that an intruder will be able to steal your conversations or your customer’s data. The software makes it possible for your workers to exchange files and messages, while maintaining maximum peace of mind. The software also limits the number of opened firewall ports. This can further protect your company and put a stop to outside attacks and worms.

Other Features

Finally, you should know that this LAN messenger will provide you with a wealth of other features. It offers remote desktop sharing, message history, user groups, and so much more. It is also compatible with LAN, WAN, VPN, and VLAN. The administrator will also have the ability to restrict user access. Group messaging and offline messaging are two other notable features of the software.


At the end of the day, no company will be able to succeed unless they have open lines of communication. It is vital to protect those conversations from intruders, scammers and competitors. The best way to do that is by utilizing a secure LAN messenger. Try it absolutely free for 30 days, because LAN messenger from Softros is well worth checking it out. It’ll empower your company to achieve success, while keeping all communications safe and sound!

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