Four Ways to Market Your New Tech Product

Whether you’ve created the next best business software package, or you’re a startup with a piece of hardware you believe consumers cannot do without, marketing your product means everything for your sales. You’ve done much of the hard work when it comes to creating your product but there’s still a job to do in terms of getting it to market and showing it off to as many consumers as possible.

That’s what this article aims to inform you about: marketing and advertising to as wide an array of consumers as possible, helping boost your sales and enhance your profits.

Paid Adverts

If you’re looking to splash your new tech product all over the internet, you could certainly do worse than purchasing a litany of advertisements that’ll be shown across the web. These adverts are often set up on a payment system that only charges you when your advert is clicked upon, thus giving you the best chance of converting your ad spend into sales without having to waste cash on adverts that no one will see. Use this form of marketing to access the mass market of online consumers and to target demographics you feel are most likely to trade with you.

Email Marketing

This form of marketing is seen as archaic by some in the digital marketing industry, but for those with a loyal web following, and with a reserve of email addresses to tap into, this is a wonderful way to update your followers about your new product. Simply sign up to MailChimp or similar CMS providers, design your email, and send it out to recipients that you have on record. Over time, you’ll develop a rapport with your email recipients, and they’ll benefit from news form your business as soon as you’ve launched a product, an update, or a special offer.

SMS Marketing

Meanwhile, it’s worth pointing out that in the West, around 90% of all consumers have a smartphone, and 95% of consumers own a phone. That means, with special SMS text marketing, you can reach nearly everyone in some of the largest markets on Earth. Engage with the specialists at Tatango SMS marketing to help you build your portfolio of text-messaged adverts, promoting your tech product through the inboxes of consumers across a number of different geographies. It’s a cheap and effective way to get your product seen on the phones of consumers across the world.

Social Media

Finally, we shouldn’t overlook social media marketing. One of the foremost free forms of marketing — with added benefits if you happen to pay for adverts targeted at specific consumers — this is the preferred technique for many tech companies large and small. By building a following on social media, you’ll show how high-tech and up to date your firm is, landing on-trend in your posts, and building special, personable relationships with consumers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use social media as a place to chat to consumers and build relationships that’ll create customers for your tech brand.

There you have it: four ways to market your tech product this year.