Why There’s No Better Time to Gain Technical Skills Than Now

Now, more than ever, it’s simple to acquire new technical skills is from the comfort of your own home, office, or home office — and it’s affordable, too. Developing a new practical skill is not only easily accessible and extremely affordable on even the strictest budget, it’s also incredibly useful for improving as an individual while simultaneously contributing to the innovative success of the company or system at-large.

Did you know that many elementary schools’ curriculums now include lessons on how to master Google tools, motion design services, python and other programming languages among other technical skills? Even though you might not consider yourself very tech savvy and may have limited experience around computers and digital tools, there are beginner courses available online and in-person for even the most novice learners.

Now is the time to increase your confidence and computer literacy around computers, software, graphic design technology and other emerging and innovative technologies relevant to your field or specific industry. If you are unsure of what you would improve upon specifically, or if you are a beginner looking for a place to start, you can “shop around” for different certificates available online. A quick search on your web browser for free online courses that will provide you with a legitimate (and oftentimes also printable) certification will put you ahead of your competition and make you feel more confident at the computer. Just dedicating a bit of time each day to learning applications such as Excel, Python, or Photoshop, for example, can increase your computer literacy and confidence for current and future job projects and opportunities.


Have you considered getting ahead in your workplace, making your resume more marketable to employers, or even re-strategizing your company’s or small business’ advertising tactics to better reach its target audience? Tackling any one of these projects might be as easy dedicating thirty minutes a day to becoming certified in a new technical skill or trade service. Potential employers will be impressed with candidates who have certificates and accreditations in data analysis, content or technical writing, coding, and many other various technical skills that often set one apart from the other applicants in the pool. Learning a new skill can be as easy as digging into a website’s HTML code and poking around just to see how it work. For instance, remember the Myspace days? You may be a novice coder, after all.

If you consider yourself innately curious about the growing tech industry, you may already have experience exploring the first step in acquiring a brand new tool for your technical toolbelt. So, why not put that curiosity to work? Consider learning a new technology that will set you up for better career opportunities and help you gain new insights into this rapidly growing field. Teach yourself a new skill at your own pace and develop a newfound confidence with the ins and outs of the technology you use on a daily basis even if you don’t necessarily “work in tech.” If you are looking for a jumping off point, consider searching for certifications in:

  • Google Analytics; Adwords/Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Structured Query Language (SQL) or Seach Engine Optimzation (SEO)
  • HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Microsoft Suite Programs (get the most out of Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Canva, PhotoShop, Adobe Creative Suite, or other design software

Programming Languages and Software


Do you feel hesitant to pick up a new skill because you are not sure how to approach acquiring fluency in coding or a specific programming language? Programming languages and coding are actually a small subsection of all the available technical skills you can learn from the convenient setup of your own home or office. There are a myriad of certificate programs available online (for free or for a small fee that many companies may cover the cost of) in areas of graphic design, motion design and graphics, and cloud technologies, just to name a few.

Additionally, if you have already downloaded a specific tool or software to your computer, there are usually free tutorial modes specific to navigating all of the available features through the downloaded software itself. However, you may also need internet access in order to troubleshoot any issues or questions you may have while working through the tool’s tutorial.

Developing new technical skills doesn’t just benefit one on the individual level, either. There are many collaborative technologies, programs, and skills that are a great way to improve communication and organization across an entire company or small startup. If you are a business owner, you can even save money from being able to supply your own in-house IT helpdesk once you have enough properly trained or certified employees. There are many different ways in which learning a new digital skill or trade can dually benefit individual workflow as well as improve the overall impact and reach of the company, brand, or organization as a whole.

Cloud Technologies and Diesel Technology

Are you not getting the type of service you desire from other cloud technologies or service providers, or do you think you could provide a better service for a more affordable price? Learn how to be your own cloud provider and create your own unique cloud platform that suits your and your small business’ needs. Grow your skills and understanding of cloud computing as your business grows, too, and you’ll also have the peace of mind that your data and files are secure within your own private cloud.


Is teaching yourself not really your learning style? Don’t worry, if you’re a more hands-on learner, there may be an opportunity for you to gain new skills through an automotive and diesel technology program that will set you up to receive a higher compensation after graduation and help you become a skilled technician in electronic systems, complex automotive and diesel technology, and emissions control equipment for a serviceable truck or car.

Even if you don’t have a background in automotive or diesel technologies, just 60 credits and four semesters separate you from providing automotive service excellence for automotive technology and diesel engines. As a diesel technician, you will combine technical training with hands-on disciplines to provide preventative maintenance as well as maintain industry standards for advanced automotive technology.

Graphic Design and Motion Graphics


If mechanical technology or using Python for data science isn’t really your style, then technical skills and certifications for visual design services, graphic design, data visualization, and motion graphics and technology may interest those who are drawn to the more aesthetic and visual characteristics of technology use.

Make your business or brand stand out amongst others on the markets after mastering design courses to become your own in-house graphic artist. Establish your visual identity with a unique presence by heading your own motion graphics design team. Or, outsource the more tech-heavy ends of the design while you brush up on your presentation skills and learn the inner workings of back end development. Take control of the end result by getting in on the development, or by being able to effectively communicate exactly what you are looking for when bringing on outside web developers to elevate your design and graphics-related needs.

The good news is whether you want to learn how to replace a diesel engine, revamp your website’s design, or navigate through the python ecosystem, there’s a tutorial for just about anything available online these days. Building your competence in technology can be convenient, budget-friendly, and accessible to those with curious minds and a propensity for problem-solving.