5 Great Virtual Resources for Parents

Thanks to COVID-19, homeschool teaching is an experience that millions of parents can add to their resumes. Unfortunately, thousands of schools around the country are closed leaving parents to fulfill the role of an educator to go along with their other duties.

Homeschooling may be the trend for a while, but luckily there are some virtual tools to help you make it through quarantine. You may never win a teacher of the year award, but you can still help your child to excel in their academics. Read on to learn about virtual resources that are helping parents through the pandemic.

Virtual Tutors


Has it been a while since you’ve done geometry? How about calculus? By the way, have you seen the new steps for multiplication and division problems? They’ve been known to cause division in the household!

One of the greatest gifts to parents everywhere is virtual tutors. If you and your student are struggling to figure out their math assignments, then get your child a virtual math tutor.

One of the great things about a virtual tutor is you don’t have to worry about inviting a stranger into your home during these dangerous times. You can get your child the assistance they need without putting them at risk of contracting the Coronavirus.

Also, tutoring isn’t just for students who are behind in a particular subject. If your child has advanced beyond the school’s curriculum, then the right tutor can still find ways to challenge them and help continue their academic growth.

Virtual Communities

COVID-19 has been a true stress-test for the entire world. The pandemic has affected people in nearly every area from social life to work life. New parents might have it the hardest. Caring for infants is taxing enough, but nothing could have prepared them for COVID-19.

Many parents have turned to virtual support groups to help them cope with the stresses of quarantining, layoffs, and parenting. Truly Mama is an online community of new mothers where they can share everything from experiences to parenting advice and even baby food recipes.

Virtual Field Trips


If you ask kids what they like about school, they’ll probably say recess, lunchtime, and field trips. Surely, you feed them lunch, and you probably look forward to recess as much or more than your kids do, but what do you do about field trips?

Since the pandemic, virtual field trips have become a popular way for kids to explore the world. With online tours to museums, zoos, and foreign countries, virtual trips can take your child to places they would never get to visit on school field trips. Even though online travel still isn’t the same as hopping on the school bus and actually going somewhere, it’s still a nice break from schoolwork.

Virtual Therapy

Quarantining caused many doctors who don’t provide primary or emergency care to have to close their offices. The ironic thing about many therapists having to close their offices is that many patients need them now more than ever.

Virtual therapy has been a lifesaver for many parents living with depression and anxiety brought on by the pandemic. They may not be able to sit in the office with a therapist, but talking to one online is still a great way for people to get help for mental health issues.

Virtual Dating

Being a single parent doesn’t mean that you want to be one forever. It’s hard enough for single parents to find time to date, but COVID-19 has all but killed dating life for them.

Online dating is a great way to meet new people virtually while quarantining. The best thing about virtual dating is that by reviewing people’s profiles, you can get to know a little bit about them before deciding whether or not to meet them. People who would never have considered online dating a couple of years ago have found their life partner on dating apps since the pandemic.