The Benefits of Instagram Growth To Your Online Business

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. Every day, over 500 million users are active and connect with each other through the app. Since its early years, Instagram has been one of the first social media platforms that became an opportunity for business. Businesses either post their products and link them to their official website where there is a checkout option. Local businesses host biddings for their products where people race to be the first to comment “mine”. In some shops, there is even the mechanics of steal and grab. On a greater note, Instagram checkout is now available to businesses and creators that are recognized as eligible in the US! It will soon be available in all countries.

One of the platforms marketers thrive to succeed is in Instagram as Instagram has all these benefits every business can use and maximize:

  1. Studies show that people engage more in Instagram

Through Instagram, you get to build a stronger relationship and know your customers 10 times better than on Facebook, 54 times better than on Pinterest, and 84 times than on Twitter. Building relationships with customers are one of the most crucial factors in a business. You can work on this through Instagram by posting content that is related to your product while also associating it with your customers’ interests.

More so, you can interact with them directly through DMs and comments. That way they’ll feel that you value and appreciate how your customers engage. It shows that you care and they’ll keep wanting to engage more. You can also assess what content can increase engagements from customers through the number of likes and comments on certain content. Instagram Growth Service providers like Social Meep can help you grow your Instagram Following that will then lead to greater engagements, profits, and more.

  1. Customers can buy directly from the app

As mentioned above, Instagram Checkout is now available in the US. More so, even without Instagram Checkout, one of the earlier ways that are still convenient for customers and brands today is sending a message through the DMs and exchanging details where the item should be shipped, and what account number the buyer should send the money to. It’s a simple exchange of messages.

  1. Free advertisement

Maximize Instagram stories! They make your product look like something they can incorporate in their life and have even on a daily basis given the right kind of presentation from you and your customers’ stories. Some customers are natural sharers. They share what they purchase through stories and posts. When people see it, people would want to try it knowing that this posted it on his/her stories. That means there’s nothing to dislike about your product. These become strategies of word-of-mouth. Other brands ask their customers if they could upload a picture of their purchase, and maybe that’s what you need to do. You don’t have to be shy about asking this, the benefits of this free advertising can gain you a lot. Your customers can always say no when they want to, but there will be those who will be up for it.

  1. Analytic features

Instagram has free analytic tools when you switch to or make a business profile. They give you insights on how many have seen your post, how much engagement dies your content gets, and more. Instagram insights can show you the demographics of your followers from age, gender, top locations, and even how many followers engage in your content per hour. This way you get to know what interests them given the age and gender and what is the most favorable time for you to post pictures, videos, and others.