How the Home Computer Replaced Offices and Entertainment?

Before the computer became an important part of our daily lives, there was a time when the computer had only one role – to calculate numbers. During the 1950s, one of the British tea shops came up with the first computer that was developed to sum all the receipts of the sold iced buns. Yes, this is true! While you wouldn’t need a powerful rig to calculate receipts from your store, this was a big machine at that time since the technology wasn’t that advanced as it is today. So, how did computers came to this point where they replace the offices and even entertainment?

The Computer in a Teashop?

As WW II ended, it was evident that the post-war era had to give something new – a new concept that would change the world once forever. The very first computer was used in a British teashop, believe it or not. The owner came to the idea that it would be nice to have a machine that could sum all the receipts instead of doing it all manually. That is how a mathematician invented the concept of the computer. In 1951, the change came after the owner of a teashop realized he had over 10,000 bakery staff that worked for him.

As we said, a Cambridge mathematician John Simmons developed the first computer that could do some repetitive work (calculation of receipts). At that time, this was a big-time machine that not everyone could afford to themselves, but there is one interesting fact that can be related to some point even today. One of the girls who worked in the teashop described people who worked on the machine as highly nervous. In addition, she noted that their boss could see the number of sales they had made by checking the box cards. Today, the office clerks who work on PC are tracked and their entire work is available for review later.

The First Word Processing

In the late 1970s, the idea of word processing became closer that it was some 20 years ago, which meant that the idea of “desktop computer” wasn’t that far. However, the majority of people imagined this machine a bit different, but it eventually everyone accepted the new machine, especially women who earned the everlasting job position. Instead of using a typo machine, they could write on a computer. The first word processor came from Apple’s kitchen while IBM launched the first word processor in 1981. However, this was a big machine, with a sticky keyboard and dark-green screen with green letters and it requires six keystrokes to perform a classic copy/paste operation!

computers office 1

Wall Street’s Popularization of Computers

Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston came up with a machine called VisiCalc that would calculate the sums by a simple change of numbers. This revolutionized the stock market, especially when spreadsheets came, which was a type of wizardry at that time. In 1985, came the Presenter. This was a machine that could produce more complex presentations, using charts, bullet points and graphs but it was bought by Microsoft for $30 million and got its name PowerPoint that we still use today. Since that time, everything has changed drastically.

The Advancement of Information Technology

Information technology started advancing suddenly during the 1990s, especially the 2000s, and it came to the point where you can find casino and operators that give you a possibility to win money through legal and fair gambling activities. Even though the search for a good online casino can be problematic today due to a huge number of operators, on the review on Playamo online casino you can find some more info about standards that hardly any online casino can achieve. With online gambling, the entire PC concept had changed – instead of going to the brick and mortar club, you can play poker from the comfort of your home in Playamo! The beginning of the 2000s did not tell that this would extend to smart mobile phones or even working from home using your PC. As the first video games became obsolete, the developers worked on new and sophisticated video games that spread out through the entire world, which led to the fact that the video games became a normal thing, as well as the powerful computers that would run the games.

Remote Work

No one could ever predict that these machines would replace the office as no one could see the features that could replace live communication and human engagement. Once the Internet became stronger and the dial-up had been replaced, the possibilities started to expand as you could send larger files online and download a few GBs in just a few minutes. Though not directly important, these features led to the remote work. Today, especially due to the Corona virus, a lot of administration workers work from home as they have all the assets they need for their meticulous work and therefore there is no need to pay the office when they can work from home. Meetings, brainstorming sessions, live streams, various management tools, workshops and all other things are available online, which means there is no need to sit in the office and do the same thing you can do from the comfort of your home.

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The High-Level Entertainment

Things like VR or AR were not even existing in the abstract concept realm during the type of the first word processors, but today, you can use VR gadgets to experience amazing things! Instead of kid’s parks, they can use PC and high-end equipment to enjoy the same thing they would in a ZOO. Whether this is good or bad, is not our responsibility. We are just witnessing things that did not exist in the earlier days and it is proof that the PC replaced the entertainment we used to know back in the days. Just start from the fact that you can watch all concerts online, without going there and buying the ticket – and you can understand how far personal computers and technology did go.