Best New MMORPG Mobile Games in 2020

There are a number of great MMORPG mobile games to have been released in 2020 that will certainly keep players busy and glued to their handsets. For those unsure what MMORPG means, it stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. These games tend to be of a fantasy genre where multiple players can play together in large numbers and try to reach a common objective.

These games have been incredibly popular for many gamers over the years with titles such as Runescape and World of Warcraft having been some of the most popular to have ever been produced. As technology has advanced and improved, these MMORPG games have also improved and have since become available on mobile devices with operating systems such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS both powerful enough to run and operate them. 2020 has seen a lot of top titles emerge on the mobile scene, but which are the best ones to have hit the market?


For players of a certain era, it is almost impossible to leave Runescape off of a list that involves MMORPGs. Indeed, the medieval-themed adventure game has been one of the most popular games to have ever been in existence and has continued to attract players from all around the world. Despite having been released initially in 2001, Jagex have continued to update the game and released a mobile version. Old School Runescape provides players the chance to relieve the classic game whilst on the go and anywhere they wish. It certainly provides those that once played it with the nostalgic emotions that can be expected, whereas players who still play the game will be delighted as it runs as smoothly as possible.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is another hugely popular mobile MMORPG title that is available to mobile users, and it is one that provides players with everything from the core game to the small screen. This game favors the bold as players risk their hard-earned magical items against different array of enemy monsters with increasing difficulty. If you’re a risk taker looking for glory, we suggest staying clear of the infamous boss battle ‘Red Nose’ and trying a less sweat-inducing game of chance like slots online. Players can fight with their friends, explore a huge lore-ridden world, and spend hundreds of hours going on quests all from the comfort of their mobile device.

Adventure Quest 3D

Adventure Quest 3D is essentially a 3D version of the hit game Adventure Quest Worlds, which has stood the test of time for many MMORPG players. This mobile game has something for everyone, as it is full of charm, humor and top graphics. Players are also able to go between mobile and PC as the game allows for cross compatibility, which is great for those that want to get in some game time whilst travelling, for example.

Villagers and Heroes

Much like the other games such as Runescape and Adventure Quest 3D, Villagers and Heroes is another MMORPG title that allows players to go from one device to another and continue with their adventures. Indeed, this game is slightly different from the others, but in a great way. There are features that other games have included in the past, which all combine to make this title. For instance, there is the World of Warcraft combat system, whilst Runescape’s skills and the humor of Adventure Quest are all embedded as well, thus making Villagers and Heroes one of the best MMORPG titles of 2020.