Fractal Design Torrent Compact Case Review

Final Thoughts

We’ve seen Fractal Design make smaller versions of their larger cases before and I think that is a good thing. Many times with their cases there can be a lot of dead space or sometimes they are just overkill so having a smaller version makes sense especially if you like the design of the original case. So now we have a Torrent Compact and the most important thing is how is it different from the larger original case. Well obviously it is smaller so that is going to limit what you can install in the case. It is nice that you can still get an ATX and even E-ATX motherboard inside as well as graphics cards up to 330mm. Beyond just being smaller there are only two fans included with the case (2 x 180mm) instead of the 5 you got with the original. You do not get the cooling bracket on the bottom of the case so if you wanted to install fans down there you’ll need to remove the feet from the case. Instead of being able to support 6 hard drives there is only room inside for four here.

With all of that said you do really have a great case here in the Torrent Compact. For those who wanted a smaller version of the Torrent with its high airflow design this could be the perfect case for you. The two 180 mm fans bring in quite a lot of air and of course you have the option to install more fans either on the bottom or rear of the case. You can also of course add watercooling to the case with the availability to add a 360 mm radiator up front and a 280 mm in the bottom.

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I do find it interesting that Fractal Design made this case not only shorter length-wise, but also height-wise. Being that it is shorter you really don’t get those cable routing holes under the motherboard that you got on the original so all of your cables have to go through the holes on the side, which is fine but in our case with our shorter graphics card it looks a bit weird. Also talking about cable routing there really is not all the much space behind the motherboard tray either. As I mentioned earlier Fractal Design is really known for having amble space behind the motherboard tray and here it is very limited. If you don’t organize your cables correctly the back side panel of the case might actually stick out. All of the velcro straps and tie-down points do make it easier to route things.

It was nice to see a fan hub come with this case even though it only ships with two fans. The Nexus Nexus 9P Slim fan hub allows you to connect up to nine fans which is pretty impressive for a case this size. I also like that Fractal Design kept the ARGB strip on the power supply compartment, it just adds that little bit of flare to the case.

Fractal Design will be selling this case for $149.99 for the normal versions and $169.99 for the version with two ARGB fans and two tempered glass side panels. Compare this to the $189.99 of the original and I think you are getting a lot of value out of this case. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Fractal Design Torrent Compact Case a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– High airflow design
– Two included 180 mm fans
– Tool-less side panel design
– Support for ATX & E-ATX motherboards even at a smaller size
– Nexus 9P Slim fan hub included
– Velcro straps and tie-down points for cable routing

– Have to remove bottom feet to install fans on the bottom of the case
– Not a lot of room behind the motherboard tray
– No removable cooling bracket like on the original

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