Frostbite Mantle To Give AMD GCN GPUs Performance Boost in Frostbite 3 Titles

AMD recently introduced the Frostbite Mantle; a latest collaboration of AMD with DICE. The Frostbite mantle aims to enhance the graphical power of all GNC architecture GPUs and it is used with Battlefield 4 which has been powered by the Frostbite engine 3. This new API is going to replace the DirectX 11.1 on all GPUs which are compatible with the Radeon.


Though this newest feature of the Frostbite Mantle has been introduced with the Battlefield 4, it is not only restricted to that. The feature is associated with the Battlefield 4 only because the release is coming with AMD’s flagship Radeon R9 290X GPU. This feature is applicable with all other DICE games powered by the Frostbite engine 3. It is compatible with the Mirrors Edge, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Star Wars: Battlefront, Plants Vs Zombies. Most importantly, the game development process has been made easier with these APIs as they offer access to light weight drivers which are capable of providing instant access to the hardware of the GPU.


The replacement of the Direct X with this newest API has brought along quite benefits; this allows nine times more draw cells as compared to any other API. This happens because the CPU over head load is reduced and it can easily be shifted to the working of the GPU as its hardware has been made easily accessible with the light weight drivers. Good news for gamers is waiting in line as more optimization is on its way with these new APIs. There will be reduced CPU usage and all bottleneck related troubles will be eliminated which usually occur as a result of CPU over load. This will also enhance the overall performance of the CPU.


Images courtesy of eTeknix.

Source: AMD | News Archive