Full AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper Lineup and Availability Detailed

Over the weekend AMD officially announced more details on its Ryzen Threadripper HEDT line of CPUs. Ryzen is AMD’s true new stand-alone architecture for AMD, which is the result of more than four years of development. Right now Ryzen is powering desktops with their Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, and Ryzen 7 desktop processors. On the professional side you have server-side deployments through its EPYC line-up and Ryzen PRO will start shipping in Q3 of 2017. AMD will also be releasing mobile APUs around Q4, paired with the new Vega graphics microarchitecture.

ryzen rollout

Right now though, AMD is concentrating on Ryzen ThreadRipper, which they are pitching to developers, researchers, prosumers, creators, and even multi-tasking gamers. ThreadRipper will offer increased Compute capabilities of up to 16 cores and 32 threads, a larger memory footprint, increased I/O and storage, and support for many more PCIe lanes. To start AMD will offer three ThreadRipper models. We already knew about the $999 TR 1950X and t he $799 TR 1920X, but we have a new $549 TR 1900X, which has 8 cores, 16 threads with a 3.8 GHz base and 4.0 GHz boost.

threadripper lineup

AMD has clearly outlined the advantages of purchasing a ThreadRipper processor over one of Intel’s new Core X Series processors.

tr 1 tr 2 tr 3 tr 4

Unlike the Ryzen desktop launch AMD has taken steps to ensure availability of a healthy ecosystem at launch. There will be top of the line motherboards from top manufacturers based on the X399 chipset available at launch. There will also be cooling solutions available at launch with some 20 liquid cooling solutions that are TR4-compatible at launch (from companies such as Corsair, Arctic, EKWB, NZXT, Thermaltake, Cryorig, and EVGA (mainly Asetek-produced units), as well as at least five air cooling options from Arctic, Noctua, and Coolermaster.

tr 5 tr 6

So the big question? When will you be able to get your hands on Ryzen ThreadRipper? Starting today (July 31st), you’ll be able to pre-order the TR 1950X and TR 1920X from multiple retailers, with their retail availability being August 10th. If you want to get your hands on the TR 1900X at its attractive $549 price tag you’ll have to wait till August 31st.

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