Fun and Simple Mobile Games for a Quick Fix

Smartphone or mobile gaming is quickly becoming a big industry. Razer released its own Android smartphone with an emphasis on gaming. Other brands are following suit, with the release of Nubia Red Magic being the latest news to hit the market. It is clear that mobile gaming is about to become very serious.

The games are no less interesting to follow since both PUBG and Fortnite became available on smartphones. The release of ‘serious’ games for smartphones, however, isn’t going to push simple and fun mobile games away. In fact, they are still perfect for when you need a quick fix in between tasks.

Hill Climb Racing

One of the most popular simple games for mobile players is Hill Climb Racing. The game is based on weird physics, but it is incredibly fun to play. The premise of this game is very simple. You choose a car or a vehicle to use – with things like tanks also available – and you go on a hill climb.

The original Hill Climb Racing lets you reach the Arctic and all the way to the moon. While the game is very simple, it is still challenging and incredibly entertaining. Complete Hill Climb Racing and you can move on to Hill Climb Racing 2, a newer version of the same game with even more fun and challenges.

Bakery Story 2

Colorful characters and a fun gameplay are among the key strengths that make Bakery Story 2 so fun to play. There are a lot of games in this genre, but Bakery Story 2 is special nonetheless. Once again, the game is based on a simple premise of building your own bakery shop and interacting with friends while you’re at it.

Bakery Story 2 can be played with others. You can interact with fellow players and push things further with the in-app purchases. Of course, you can also turn to Bakery Story 2 cheats and strategies to find more ways to take your bakery shop to success. It is a detailed game with a strategy element to it, but it is light enough to play for fun.

Angry Birds Blast

The Angry Birds series has been one of the kings of simple games for years, but the Angry Birds Blast is slightly different from the other games. While this game is still based on the same characters, it is a match-and-pop game that’s simpler and more fun to play. Just like other similar games, you simply swipe to move balloons, try to match their colors to pop them, and use superpowers to complete levels faster.

Keep in mind that you have limited moves, so you can’t just randomly swipe the balloons and hope for the best. That is among the things that make this game challenging in a very fun way. Just don’t get carried away; this game can be very addictive once you start completing one level after another.

The next time you are looking for a quick bit of fun, these games are certainly worth trying. Using nothing but your smartphone, you can squeeze in some gaming time between your activities.

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