Futuristic Gaming Trends

Stay fixed and get ready to be surprised; you are about to travel to the Future. Don’t worry, you are not going to age! You are going to take a trip into the future gaming trends, or the gaming trends that have already start to emerge nowadays. Years ago, the only games people used to play were video games, and now it has switched to online games. And for the future years, it is going to be even better as science and developers have evolved a lot. Let’s take a look into the new gaming trends.

Live Games
Live game are games that you play in the flow of the moment while being behind your screen. One example is Live Casino. Travelling to real casinos have now become outdated, as people can just access Spin and Win, to enjoy the live atmosphere of an online Casino. At SpinandWin.com, you can find Live Casino games like Live Roulette La Par, Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live French Roulette and Live Auto Roulette. All these games are played just like at a Casino, and it is just a click away. You can choose which lounge and which dealer you would like to join. If you have any questions, you can also chat with the Live Helper who will provide assistance. You are welcomed into the Future with these games only at Spin and Win- the one place to play casino slots.

Cloud Gaming
Also known as gaming on demand, Cloud gaming is a form of online gaming. For the moment, there are two types of cloud gaming: one is based on video streaming and the other is based on file streaming. This type of online gaming provides users a great gaming experience across various devices, through a frictionless and direct play capability. For the moment, Cloud gaming is quite restricted and is used by companies only. Some of these companies are Approxy, SpawnApps and Kalydo.

Augmented Reality
The concept of Augmented Reality aims at feeding players with additional data overlay, apart from the actual physical setting. One application that uses this system is the Wikitude. This application enables you to see nearby restaurants, ATMs and hotels just by holding the application open on your mobile. In terms of gaming, this system enables players to cooperate with the gaming surrounding in real time. This type of game concept will enable players to hold their mobile phones and shoot targets which appear everywhere.

Secondary Screens
The secondary game screens are already a system that has been introduced to the world by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. For instance, the Wii U, allows players to play their game on one screen and access maps or inventory on a second screen. As for Microsoft, they have released the Xbox SmartGlass. The SmartGlass enables players to enhance their gaming experience and players can stop playing on one device, and carry on playing on another device.

Until developers bring on these projects, access Spin and Win and play live games!

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