Gainward And Galax Confirm That GeForce RTX 3060 Is Coming With GA104-150 GPU

Soon after a report this week stating that NVIDIA is introducing GA104 GPU for RTX 3060 graphics cards, Galax and Gainward have both confirmed that this is happening for real!!

Gainward RTX 3060 GA104 2

Both GPU vendors are now listing their RTX 3060 graphics cards with three different GPU variants: GA106-300, GA106-302, and GA104-150. The first variant is the original RTX 3060 with the initial Lite Hash Rate algorithm. Next is GA106-302 with an updated LHR.

Last not least is the new GA104-150 GPU. It is a cut-down mid-range GPU that would otherwise not fit into any other GA104-based model. NVIDIA decided to sell those chips to certain AIBs, and from the looks of it, only Chinese brands for now.

Galax RTX 3060 Ga104 1

Back in 2020, EVGA launched its KO series of RTX 2060 models with a TU104 GPU. It is not clear whether NVIDIA will offer GA104 GPUs to more of their partners right now. However, most of the partners will be interested irrespective of the GPU offered.

The GA104-150 GPU features 3584 CUDA Cores and a 192-bit interface attached to 12GB of GDDR6 memory. The ROP count or GPU-specific features are enabled on this specific variant.

Gainward RTX 3060 GA104

Via Galax