GALAX Announces HOF Extreme 50 PCIe Gen5 SSD with up to 10 GB/s Read Speed

GALAX has delivered on its promise to reveal its latest enthusiast solutions, including one of the first SSDs based on the latest PCIe standard and ultra-fast DDR5 memory. For starters, today is only a product announcement; we have yet to learn about the availability or how much they will cost. This is essential to note, as it is now futile to search for any next-generation SSDs on the market. Unfortunately, Galax does not intend to be the first to ship such items in this instance.

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The HOF Extreme SSD storage will be available in two sizes: 1TB and 2TB, with somewhat differing specifications:

HOF Extreme 50 1TB: 9500 MB/s & 1300K IPS (read), 8500 MB/s & 1100K IOPS (write)

HOF Extreme 50 2TB: 10000 MB/s & 1500K IPS (read), 9500 MB/s & 1250K IOPS (write)

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However, this SSD is not the quickest one in development. The company has previously confirmed that storage with a sequential read speed of 12GB/s is in development. The present specifications are definitely outstanding, but they fall well short of what was anticipated for PCIe Gen5 SSDs.

The storage contains a single fan active cooling system and an integrated DDR4 cache. In addition, 232-layer NAND flash memory and a Phison controller are utilized. Moreover, GALAX unveils its HOF Pro DDR5 RAM, which will be available in a variety of configurations.

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The company verifies the present production of 6800 MT/s, 7200 MT/s, and even 8000 MT/s kits (each is 2x 16GB capacity). GALAX has not yet advertised the memory kits on any retail or official website; thus, there is no release date or price. In point of fact, we were unable to locate any information on memory timings. In any event, it should be noted that GALAX typically ships premium HOF items to influencers and hardcore overclockers first, so the official launch might occur just as we begin to see such content.

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