GALAX GeForce RTX 3090 HOF Overclocked to 3GHz Breaking Many World Records

Galax sent its RTX 3090 HOF to popular and extreme overclockers, and OGS from HwBox Hellas OC Team and Rauf from Alza OC were able to break 16 world records.

Both OGS from HwBox Hellas OC Team and Rauf from Alza OC successfully overclocked their RTX 3090 HOF’s samples to 3.0 GHz. This clock speed was achieved using GPUPI software. The use of other benchmarks relying on more complex computation will cause the overclock frequency to drop to 2.8 GHz. Although OGS and Rauf broke various world records with their samples, the fact that they achieved a 3.0 GHz overclock speed is awesome.

GPUPI 3.2 1B software was used to break the world record. As per the GPU-Z sensor tab, OGS achieved a 2805 MHz boost while the actual true clock speed was at 3015 MHz. Rauf, on the other hand, used the 3.3 version in the same 1B test to achieve a 2795 MHz, which equates to a 3000 MHz true clock.

First 3+ GHz 3090 done by Galax. The way it’s meant to be overclocked. 🙂 HOF is back. Thanks to Galax, ASUS, Crucial and Thermal Grizzly for the support.


Liquid nitrogen was used to overclock the graphic cards.

Via HWBot