Gamdias Hermes M5 Gaming Keyboard Review

When it comes to keyboards the ones that really catch my attention all the ones with the cool colorways. Being that I am someone who takes pride in their PC setup I want to have a keyboard on my desk that grabs attention, hence why the iQunix F96 has been my daily driver for quite sometime now. Recently Gamdias reached out about us taking a look at their Hermes M5 Gaming keyboard and once I saw it I was very intrigued. This full-size mechanical gaming keyboard features a unique white and light blue colorway on the keycaps with not RGB, but Ice Blue lighting underneath. It definitely gives this keyboard a very unique and attractive look. Even better is that this keyboard is selling for only $49.99 on Amazon! Read on as we learn more!

Special thanks to Gamdias for providing us with the Hermes M5 Gaming Keyboard to review.



The Hermes M5 from Gamdias comes in a nice retail box. On the front we have a picture of the keyboard and some of the main features are detailed.

Gamdias Hermes M5 Gaming Keyboard

Flipping over to the back there is some more information in a few different languages as well as a list of specifications, package contents, and system requirements.

Gamdias Hermes M5 Gaming Keyboard

Opening the box and getting everything out all we have is the Hermes M5 and a simple plastic keycap puller.

Gamdias Hermes M5 Gaming Keyboard

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