Game developers from id Software concerned over lower specs and “memory situation” of Xbox Series S

The next generation of consoles is going to be a great ride for all of us. Microsoft announced that it is going to also be making a cheaper, less powerful console, the Xbox Series S. While it seems like a great thing for buyers, game developers from id Software have some concerns about the limited power of this console.

id Software lead engine programmer, Billy Khan, and principal engine programmer Axel Gneiting have both tweeted about how the Xbox Series S could hinder gave development for the Xbox platform from their end. The Xbox Series S packs in only 10GB of RAM, as opposed to the 16GB of the X, and has less than a third of the computing power.

We have also seen concern from other folks from the industry, like the Senior Technical Producer for an unannounced title from Remedy Games, Sasan Sepehr.

Understandably, while this lowers the pricing for many, it also makes Xbox Series S the lowest common denominator. It will be interesting to see how developers adjust to this nerfed hardware, but in any case, there will be some adjustment required to ensure the best possible experience for gamers.

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Via Wccftech

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