Xbox Series X priced at $499, Xbox Series S at $299, coming November 10, confirms Microsoft after Series S leaks

It has been an eventful day for console news. It started with a leak and ended with a confirmation about Xbox Series consoles. We now have prices, and a release date, in addition to the confirmation of the existence of the Xbox Series S. Read on!

The Xbox Series S, also known as Project Lockhart all this while in rumors, leaked earlier in the day. It sports a smaller design than the Xbox Series X and looks like a compact version of the Xbox One S with a black fan air vent. The leak came from Brad Sams, and Microsoft then steered into the skid and officially confirmed Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series S will be a disc-less console, capable of doing up to 1440p at 120 FPS in games, with support for Ray Tracing. It will come with a 512 GB SSD and will be 4K ready for media and games upscaling. It has been said to have 4 TFlops of processing power. All of this for a price of $299.

Additionally, Windows Central seems to have confirmation that Xbox Series X will cost $499. WC also has details on the Xbox All Access plans for these consoles. The Xbox Series S will be $25 per month on the subscription service, while the Series X will be $35 a month, both for a 24-month contract. Both these consoles will be released on November 10th, Microsoft has confirmed.

Are you excited? We sure are! The Xbox Series S will be a tempting buy, even though it’s less powerful than the One X. Thoughts? Hit us up in the comments, down below!

Via Windows Central

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