The Long-Awaited Minecraft VR Support on Playstation 4 Will Be Added This Month

Minecraft’s VR support from Oculus on Playstation 4 will be added to the PlayStation VR headset through an upcoming release, later this month. The development is done in partnership with SkyBox Labs, where Mojang will convert and optimize the experience for a brand new platform of VR headsets.

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Sony announced this as a part of their series of PSVR announcements posted on Playstation Blog soon after the announcement of their big sale. If you want something to play until Minecraft PSVR patch drops in, you should know that a series of PSVR titles (including the stellar Tetris Effect) will be on sale from this Wednesday.

“Us Mojang folks have been bursting to say something about this for ages! PS VR support has actually been a planned PS4 feature since we got the thumbs-up from Sony to bring cross platform play and the Bedrock version to PlayStation 4.

But surely there must be something different?

Yes, of course! There’s a bunch of new settings & guidance so that you can tweak the VR experience to your needs. There’s also two main ways you can play the game in VR: Immersive and Living Room modes. We think both are cool, but it’s up to you.

Just like the main game, you use your DualShock 4 controller to move around and do all the crafting and choppy/fighty things that you need to do, but you’ll be fully immersed in your Minecraft world. I guarantee you will jump out of your skin at some point.”

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It looks like that the Minecraft PSVR will only support DualShock 4 controllers for now. Since Mojang will have to develop a whole new input method to account for the locomotion; hence no support is provided for other PSVR controllers (Move controllers, etc.). This PSVR Minecraft update will be available as a free update for all the existing owners later this month.