GeForce RTX 4070 Ti AORUS, GAMING, EAGLE and AERO GPU Series From Gigabyte Leaked

Gigabyte is set to launch AERO, EAGLE, GAMING, and two AORUS models for the GeForce RTX 4070 Ti. Both have a triple-slot design and appear to be very similar; however, the Master is supposed to have faster clock speeds and come with a built-in color display that can display custom animation or GPU card information.

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The RTX 4070 Ti is built on the AD104 GPU, which has 7680 CUDA cores. These graphics cards were intended to launch as RTX 4080 12GB, but owing to NVIDIA’s unanticipated decision to cancel and rebrand this SKU, they will instead be marketed as RTX 4070 Ti.

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All of the new Gigabyte graphics cards include three fans, although this should not come as a surprise given that Gigabyte’s RTX 3070 Ti series already had similar cooling. The cards now each have a brand-new shroud, and the design has undergone significant alteration. In addition, the white-themed VISION series has been renamed as AERO, simplifying Gigabyte’s GPUs, motherboards, and laptops.

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The RTX 4070 Ti, according to speculations, will cost at least $799. This pricing may relate to the EAGLE non-OC model since other variants will almost probably be priced higher. Speaking of cost and designs, one can wonder why Radeon RX 7900 series received only two custom designs whereas the cheaper GeForce GPU received five bespoke designs.

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