Genius Launches the Cam Mouse

Genius has introduced its latest 2-in-1 device, the Cam Mouse. It’s quite an innovative mouse since it has the ability to become a camera with instant photo uploading, QR code scanning and comes packed with much more features.

Genius Cam Mouse

The Cam Mouse works in a way that it combines a 1200 DPI mouse with a 2 MP camera, resulting in the best of both. We know for a fact the cameras on notebook monitors are heavy, while the Cam mouse is much easier to use as a small hand-held camera. The best thing is that it offers the advantage of a quick switching between mouse and camera modes without any delay. It’s really simple and handy, you just have to slide open the lens cover and there you go!

It also allows you to share ones photos with friends and family. Instantly uploading pictures on social websites is easier with the Cam Mouse. Other than this, the Cam mouse offers photo-editing tools and scans QR Codes. Easy to carry and easy to use!.

Some of the key features are listed below:

• Shaped for comfort and ease
• Unique and modern mouse that also functions as a camera
• Comes with photo editing tools
• 1200 DPI Blue Eye technology works on an almost any sort of surface
• 2.0M 720P HD pixels provide high resolution images
• Scans QR Codes
• quickly uploads photos to social media sites

You can get your hands on this unique Cam Mouse, which is available at a price of $29.90.

Source: Genius | News Archive