AMD Launches Never Settle Forever Promotion

AMD has just launched their latest free game promotion to go along with their Radeon Series graphics cards. They are calling this their Never Settle Forever promotion and it is part of their Gaming Evolved initiative. This promotion really gives gamers an added value if they purchase an AMD Radeon graphics card.

AMD Never Settle Forever

This new promotion adds a single new game to the existing bundle which is Sniper Elite. It also seems like Crysis 3 has been removed from the bundle for some reason. The big thing about this bundle is how gamers are able to select their own games.

Each specific Radeon tier gives a specific reward to users. The Radeon 7700 series gives the bronze award, which lets users choose one game from a list of 7 titles. The Radeon 7800 series gives the silver award, which lets users choose two games from a list of 9 titles. Finally the Gold Award is given for the Radeon 7900 series. It lets users choose 3 games from a list of 10 titles.

AMD Never Settle Forever

On top of that users can actually save their Radeon Award in anticipation of new titles that may enter the rewards program.

AMD Never Settle Forever

Source: AMD | News Archive

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