Gigabyte BRIX Projector Ultra Compact PC Kit Review

Testing – Gaming, Video & More
Now you wouldn’t really think of the BRIX as a gaming machine and it really is not. But for older games and arcade style games the BRIX could be the perfect little gaming box or even a steam box. To test things out I ran a few older games at 1080p resolution on the BRIX to see how they would do. The results are below.


Not bad really at all! I would say that anything based off the Source engine, DX9 games and various other arcade games will run just fine on the BRIX.

Next up will be testing HD video. I’ve decided to use Quicktime and the latest X-Men: Days of Future Past 1080p trailer. While running the trailer I monitored CPU usage. During the trailer CPU usage varied anywhere from 15-40%, but for the most part stayed around 25%.


So the BRIX will be able to handle HD video no problem at all.

Of course this is the BRIX Projector so we had to check out the projector. For those wondering the projector has a maximum resolution of 864 x 480. While this might not be optimal for reading websites and other tasks it is great for presentations and watching media. I decided to point the projector towards the part of the office where we do our unboxings. The projector was about 8 feet away and that made for a rather large display.

Gigabyte BRIX Projector Ultra Compact PC Kit

One thing that is really great about the BRIX Projector is that it has the tripod mount on the bottom so you can use it with pretty much any tripod out there.


Of course you can use the mini tripod that Gigabyte has supplied as well.

Gigabyte BRIX Projector Ultra Compact PC Kit

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