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Gigabyte BRIX Projector Ultra Compact PC Kit Review

Final Thoughts
I have seen Gigabyte’s line of BRIX ultra compact PCs for a while now and I have to say you really do not appreciate them and their tiny size until you actually see one up close. They are extremely small! And its great you can have a fully functional and pretty powerful system that you can literally hold in your hand! This not only means you can put the system pretty much anywhere you can take it with you easily.

Of course the BRIX that we took a look at is the BRIX Projector so it has a built in mini projector, which is extremely cool. This means if you didn’t want to you don’t even need to buy a display for the system. The projector gives you a maximum resolution of 864 x 480. The addition of the projector makes the BRIX perfect for a HTPC system or media machine. On thing that is cool about the projector is that you can use it for other devices as well. It comes with an HDMI in port so you could connect your console or other device up to it very easily. Like most digital projectors the one on the BRIX can get a little loud though.

When it comes to performance the BRIX does pretty well. If you are looking to do things like web browsing, word processing and watching HD video the BRIX will do just fine. It can even handle older games quite well. That means you could turn the BRIX into a steam box if you wanted to for older and arcade-style games.

This is a PC kit so it is not a complete computer. You will need to buy your own mSATA and DDR3L memory. For those who are scared about this part of the process it is extremely easy to get these two components installed.

If you are looking for a compact PC for the tasks that we listed above the Gigabyte BRIX is a great choice. If you want the added mini projector the Gigabyte BRIX Projector is the perfect all in one system for you. The BRIX Projector that we reviewed today is selling at my favorite online retailer for $674.69. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Gigabyte BRIX Projector a 9 out of 10 score.

– Extremely small and compact
– Built-in mini projector
– Projector can be used with other devices
– Pretty powerful given its size
– Easy to get setup

– Projector can be a little loud

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