Gigabyte Intros New DDR4 Memory Modules

Gigabyte has expanded their DDR4 offerings with a new kit, which lacks the AORUS branding or RGB lighting. This new kit is simply called “Gigabyte Memory 2666MHz”, and is a 16 GB (2x 8GB) kit running at DDR4-2666 with timings of 16-16-16-35 timings, at 1.2 Volts.

Gigabyte Memory

Gigabyte has refined its heatspreader design, which they made thicker. So overall you have a 32 mm tall, 7 mm thick module. Out of the box these modules will have both JEDEC and XMP SPD profiles. Memory controllers that support DDR4-2666 (such as “Coffee Lake” and later), should run at the advertised speeds without having to change anything, but if you are on an older system you’ll have to enable to XMP profile.

Gigabyte Memory Gigabyte Memory

The modules come with a lifetime warranty.

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