Gigabyte is working on a RTX 2060 in White

Gigabyte is working on new RTX 2060 variant, which will be the RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro White. Of course the big difference with this card is the white and black color-scheme, with a white shroud and backplate and black fans. It also appears (according to the renders) that the PCB will be black, not white which is a bummer.

rtx 2060 white 2

This model is part of Gigabyte’s Gaming Series, which means it is second-best behind the AORUS models. The card features a full custom design with a non-reference PCB and a single 8-pin PCI-Express power connector. There is not a VirtualLink port, which many companies are not including on RTX 2060s.

rtx 2060 white 3

The card will have a GPU Boost clock of 1830 MHz, which is 9% better than the reference card. Gigabyte should be announcing this model very soon.

rtx 2060 white 4

Via VideoCardz

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