GitLab Removes Suyu; A New Nintendo Switch Emulator, Due To DMCA

Only days after the initial release of the beta version of the Suyu Switch emulator, the project is encountering legal challenges. The emulator, derived from the Yuzu emulator’s source code, has been swiftly taken down from GitLab, where it was previously hosted, in response to a DMCA takedown request.

A spokesperson from GitLab, communicating directly with overkill, disclosed that they had “received a DMCA takedown notice from a representative of the rightsholder” and consequently adhered to their standard procedure for handling such requests. Consequently, the project page has been taken down, and the accounts of all contributors to the Suyu project have been locked.

Suyu 728x410.png

Suyu, a derivative of the former Yuzu emulator, emerged after Nintendo took legal action, resulting in the swift shutdown of Yuzu. The domain, source code, and all associated assets were promptly surrendered to Nintendo.

Upon the release of Suyu, the developers emphasized its strong stance against piracy, stressing that the emulator project was intended exclusively for use with legally backed up Switch ROMs.

suyu dmca gitlab

Naturally, given the attention surrounding the Yuzu saga, any endeavors to prolong the project would draw immediate scrutiny. Given that Suyu is a spinoff of the infamous Yuzu tool, encountering challenges with this new project was likely almost unavoidable.

Despite GitLab’s statement regarding the request originating from “a representative of the rightsholder,” it is noteworthy that the Suyu team themselves have indicated their apparent lack of knowledge regarding the origin of this DMCA request.

Source & Image: Overkill