Nintendo Switch Emulator ‘Suyu’ First Build To Launch Today; Will Include Experimental macOS Build

The Suyu Nintendo Switch Emulator is on the brink of achieving a significant milestone, with its release set to go live online very soon.

An announcement was made on the official Discord server of the emulator, stating that the Suyu emulator’s inaugural binary release is scheduled for today. The team will offer binaries compatible with Linux x86_64, Windows x86_64, Android ARMv8a, and even an experimental macOS version. Despite the project being in development for only two weeks, it’s unlikely that this release will boast major improvements over the now-defunct Yuzu emulator. Nonetheless, it’s promising to witness the project gaining momentum.

suyu Embed Image.D2oPD8aQ

Earlier this month, the Suyu Nintendo Switch emulator emerged after the demise of the Yuzu emulator. The development of the renowned Switch emulator was halted after Nintendo filed a lawsuit, which was settled before reaching court. Developer Tropic Haze agreed to immediately cease development and pay Nintendo $2.4 million. Subsequently, it was revealed that Nintendo’s assertions regarding the emulator’s primary use for playing pirated games were supported by telemetry data.

Source: Suyu