Global Chip Shortage Hits Apple’s MacBook And iPad Production

Many tech products like AMD’s Radeon RX graphic cards or NVIDIA’s GTX cards have been affected by the ongoing global chip shortage. Not only this but the global shortage has spread to the automobiles industry too; since they also require chips for their vehicles.

Despite this widespread global chip shortage, there was no news of Apple being affected by this and the shortage had no effect on iPhone sales; however, Nikkei’s new report states that the global chip shortage is starting to affect Apple on two of its other critical product lines: iPads and MacBooks.

M1X 1030x583 1

As per the report, there is a shortage of supply in motherboards used in MacBooks and displays and display drivers used in iPad. Currently, it is unknown if this shortage has any effect on Apple’s existing line of MacBooks and iPads or the report refers to the upcoming models. The report also says that despite the shortage, Apple’s turnover remained the same.

Wallace Gou, President, and CEO of Silicon Motion, said:

“We really don’t see an end to this shortage, and things could be even worse, looking ahead to the end of the June quarter, as some smaller tech players could run out of some critical inventories to build their products and need to scale back production”

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There are rumors that the shortage might last until the first half of 2022.