Go Green and Save Money with Virtual Faxing Options

You no longer need the archaic fax machine in your office thanks to the new technology that allows you to send faxes online. Traditional fax machines were cumbersome, expensive and difficult to use. furthermore, you were never sure whether your intended recipient could get a legible copy. Modern all-in-one printers have made an effort of improving this technology, but they still don’t match the efficiency of online fax services such as google fax. It is fairly easy, fast and cheap to send or receive fax online via email, a web portal or through your smartphone.

How to Send a Fax Online

Sending fax online is as easy as sending an email. Almost everyone who uses a computer nowadays can send an email. All you need is to enter a number that you get from online fax service companies. You will be provided with an address book, that allows you to access your contacts easily. Most give you an option of including a cover page, attachments of various types and sizes as well as the ability to sign digitally and filling forms.

Fax Via Smartphones

Unlike the past when you needed to physically find a fax machine to send a fax, these days you can do it anywhere using your smartphone. Most fax services that are reliable provide an android and iPhone apps. You simply take a picture of your file and use the mobile faxing app to send it to your recipients. Mobile faxing apps also come with contact books, a feature allowing you to preview your attachments before you send and a sortable fax book. Some advanced apps also allow you to sign digitally among other features.

Sending Fax Via Email

Very few offices have fax machines these days as the machine is becoming outdated. The good thing is that you can send a fax via email to a fax machine or another email. Consequently, you can also receive faxes in your email if you do not have a fax machine. And probably you don’t. Sending via an email is more or less like sending an email. Only that instead of an email address, you key in a fax number. This number is accompanied by an email domain of that particular fax service. Your recipient will see your fax number and can reply directly to it.

How do You Pay for the Service?

Most companies charge a monthly fee and give you an allotment of pages. Some will restrict how much you can send and how much you can receive. Such companies are not as popular as they lead to unnecessary expenses. You can choose those that give you a pool of pages and let you decide what you want to do with them. Such services save you costs you would otherwise pay for pages that you never used. The cost of getting these online services is significantly lower than that of running a physical fax machine and helps keep the world green by minimizing the use of paper. 

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