Google Chrome Is Now the Most Popular Web Browser

For the longest time Internet Explorer has been the most used browser on the internet. But since Google introduced Chrome in 2008, the number of Internet Explorer users has slowly been going down. Back in 2012 one usage tracker said Google Chrome was the champion, while others had Internet Explorer still in the lead. Now in 2016 everyone is in agreement, Google Chrome is on top!

NetMarketShare, which is the stat counter that Microsoft has long said was the most accurate source for measuring which web browser has the most users, now says that Chrome is the undisputed winner. According to the results it controls 41.66 percent of the market, compared to the combined Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge total of 41.35 percent.


This percentage of market share is only going to grow for Chrome as you can see by the graph below that Internet Explorer’s market share keeps going down. Google also plans to introduce a new Chrome design that is made to be even more touch-friendly.

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