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Google Chrome Is Now the Most Popular Web Browser

For the longest time Internet Explorer has been the most used browser on the internet. But since Google introduced Chrome in 2008, the number of Internet Explorer users has slowly been going down. Back in 2012 one usage tracker said Google Chrome was the champion, while others had Internet Explorer still in the lead. Now in 2016 everyone is in agreement, Google Chrome is on top!


Top 5 Google Chrome Productivity Extensions

Productivity hasn't been regarded as one of the positive aspects of the web browser. Instead it has been viewed as a sieve of never ending distractions. I don't agree with this viewpoint, however. Although there are several websites on the internet that distract the mind, it is also true that the web is full of productivity enhancing tools. Many of these are available only on the internet. To-do lists and task managers are considered the best among these tools. Checking things off a list as the jobs are performed is a great productivity enhancer. Google Chrome, the net browser is full of things like extensions and task management apps that are great at getting things done. Let us take a look at some of the best extensions out there.


How to Install Google Chrome on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

As you may know I have recently added a Kindle Fire HD to my gadget list.  I actually really like the device.  You can read my <a href="">lengthy review on it here</a>.  Amazon tries to keep you in their ecosystem with the Kindle Fire HD.  As such you can only download apps that are in Amazon’s App store.  This really does limit you.  Amazon’s silk browser is alright, but there are plenty of better browsers available for Android.  Amazon blocks them from their app store, but you are still able to install them.  In this guide we will show you how to easily install Google Chrome on your Amazon Kindle Fire HD.  This process shouldn’t take that long and the best part you do not even have to root your Kindle Fire HD!  Let’s get started!

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