Top 5 Google Chrome Productivity Extensions

Productivity hasn’t been regarded as one of the positive aspects of the web browser. Instead it has been viewed as a sieve of never ending distractions. I don’t agree with this viewpoint, however. Although there are several websites on the internet that distract the mind, it is also true that the web is full of productivity enhancing tools. Many of these are available only on the internet. To-do lists and task managers are considered the best among these tools. Checking things off a list as the jobs are performed is a great productivity enhancer. Google Chrome, the net browser is full of things like extensions and task management apps that are great at getting things done. Let us take a look at some of the best extensions out there.

chrome prod

This is a fantastic application for task management. It helps you to manage online tasks. It features a neat looking clean white UI. It allows for effortless creation of lists. Tasks can be combined into projects. Task can be easily rotated amongst projects via effortless drag and drop. Starter projects are available by default. These include shopping list, personal, home, study and work. You can add as many projects as you want. If you want to use specialized features like notes then you need a pro account.

Dictionary Toolbox

Have you attempted to browse through a huge dictionary, looking for a word and turned page after page only to discover later that the word you are looking for isn’t there? This can be a highly frustrating experience, frustrating enough hopefully to turn you to Dictionary Toolbox. It takes just a few seconds to search a word description with this extension. It will also let you know if there is any word of the kind you are searching, thus saving you precious time.

Translator Toolbox

It is another exciting extension for Chrome. If you want a word translated into any language used today, look no further. Your chosen word can be translated into any language possible. All the existing languages in the world today are supported. Next time you need to understand a word in any language of the world, use Translator Toolbox for your language translation needs. Access this and other applications lightning fast using clear internet services.

Free Games Toolbar

It allows you to access a range of games and play them for free! You can access and play these games via your browser. There are a huge number of flash games available as well as several other popular games. The list of games is updated automatically. Find a wealth of browser playable games online. All the classic games are freely available. When you install the online games toolbar you get access to a heap of online games that you can play to pass your free time the fun way.

Proofread Bot

If you are into writing online content, then Proofread Bot may be just what you need. It quickly checks for plagiarism as well as statistics, grammar and style. It also gives you recommendations for writing improvement. This extension is very simple to use.

As every aspect of our life has turned towards technical brilliance, so have web browsers. The extensions available with web browsers make them more that mere tools for experiencing the internet; they make browsers an intimate part of personal life. Use these tools at lightning speed with clear internet services.

The author of this post Ashley Williamson is an occasional tech blogger and a huge fan of different google chrome extensions. When she is working she uses many of them on her daily basis.