Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Case Mod Friday: Amethyst

Project Name: Amethyst

Tell us a little about your case / case mod?
My first build, designed for gaming. Essentially started out as a budget build, but I’ve been adding upgrades as I am able to afford them.

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CASE – Silverstone FT02
CPU – I5 2500k (overclocked at 4.5GHz)
MEM – 2X Kingston 120gb SSD Raid0 & 1tb External HHD
GPU – (NOW/ MSI GTX 660ti 3gb) (OLD/ HIS HD6970 2gb)
PSU – Kingwin 1000w LAZER
KEYBOARD – Logitech G19
GAMEBOARD – Logitech G13
MOUSE/PAD – Logitech G700/XFX WarPad
SPEAKERS – Logitech Z-5300
HEADSET – Logitech G930
OTHER – Corsair CAFA70 Dual 120mm CPU Cooler
2x Xigmatek 120mm Purple LED Fan
Xigmatek 140mm Purple LED Fan
3x Silverstone 180mm Blue LED Fan
Thermaltake 120mm Blue LED Fan

List of Custom Modifications
– Replaced Stock 180mm Fans in my FT02 with Silverstone’s BLUE LED lit 180mm fans

Builder: Anthony Hicks

Website: Facebook

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Bob Buskirk
the authorBob Buskirk
About 10 years of computer experience. Been messing around with electronics since I was 5, got into computers when I was in highschool, been modding them ever since then. Very interested in how things work and their design.
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