Top Features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the hottest gadgets today. This article will discuss the top features of this phone to help you determine what features you like in order to make a choice of the best device in the market. The Samsung S4 is definitely one of the biggest smartphone releases this year. It is very popular and there is no doubt about it since it is packed with tons of wonderful features putting it on the list of the best smartphones up to date. This phone is worth having since it is the product of great innovation only from the giant phone manufacturer Samsung.

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Top Features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

If you will take a look closely, you will notice that the Samsung S4 has not changed much compared to its predecessor, Samsung S3. This is not a surprise at all since the Samsung S3 was tremendously popular. Samsung knew that it is a winning phone so they patterned the new release to this one. The noticeable changes with the Samsung S4 are its sleeker, more serious design with some style enhancements and straighter lines. It has the plastic gloss finish that can be found in other smartphones like iPhone 5 making it classier than the Samsung S3. With these alone, you will surely find the Samsung S4 a lot interesting. So, learn more about this phone by knowing its incredible features.

Samsung S4 – Build and Size and Other Specs
Well, the Samsung S4 may not be for small hands, it is a bit smaller than the S3. However, the S4 has a larger screen compared to the previous version. It has the same dimension as the S3 measuring at 136.6 mm, but its depth and width are smaller at 7.9mm and 69.8 mm. The difference when it comes to depth can be noticed right away. The depth makes it huge, but still manageable. The S4 display comes at a full 5 inches while the S3 has a display of 4.8 inches.

In terms of weight, the Samsung S4 is a bit heavier at 133g while the S3 is only at 130g. A lot of smartphones these days are equipped with built in batteries so there is no need to finish the cell battery into removable cases. But then, Samsung has opted for a replaceable battery that has great advantages as well. The Samsung S4 is available in black and white variety.

Smart Pause and S Factor
The Smart Pause feature actually tracks eye movement from its front camera. It really sense your eye movement so an application such as videos will keep on playing until you take your eyes from it. In such case, the video will pause and resume when you take a look at the screen again and the device senses your eye movement. So, if you are watching and your eyes suddenly went astray, the Smart Pause feature will stop the video and playback when you look again. There can be no missed moments with this feature.

Another cool feature of the Samsung S4 is the S factor as it comes with numerous S attributes such as the following:

S Translator – It can provide assistance when it comes to translation. This greatly helps when reading messages and emails which makes communication and interaction a lot convenient.
S Voice Drive – It provides guidance through voice navigation which makes driving efficient and safe.
S Health – This is one of the interesting features as it helps in tracking and maintaining workouts, weight loss, diets, blood glucose as well as blood pressure.

Smart Scroll Feature
One of the most remarkable features of the S4 is the Smart Scroll. This tracks eyes in order to scroll contents. But then, it is different from what other technology critics may have understood. It is actually a feature that is controlled and managed by motions. So, the moment that you tilt or incline the S4, the sensors and internal motion will register all the motion and scroll accordingly. This same technology is utilized when it comes to the phone’s accelerometer. For instance, you are at the bottom of the web page, simply tilting the device will scroll the content upwards in an instant.

Redesigned Camera and Apps
The Samsung S4 has an amazing 13 megapixel camera. It is a very powerful camera that can provide strong shots in the easiest manner. It is a very capable and versatile camera even in low light situations. The Samsung S4 also comes with enhanced camera applications. For instance, this phone allows you to take pictures along with at least 9 seconds of audio with it. Moreover, it also comes with Drama Shot that enables you to capture photos through burst mode. With this, you may take a picture of your children swimming and combine all these pictures to see the full action. This phone also comes with Dual Camera that lets you shoot simultaneously from the rear end and front cameras all at once. With such, you can actually capture group pictures with you in it by making use of this function.

Other Interesting Features
More than all these, the Samsung S4 comes with other cool features like the Air View. This eliminate the need to touch the device since all you have to do is to hover over the screen to perform various functions such as launching videos, speed dialing, zooming the screen and more. Thus, there is no need to make use of stylus pen to perform such tasks.

Another wonderful feature is the WatchON that lets you control your television with the S4. The phone is equipped with an IR blaster that enables you to control remote controlled appliances so easily. Along with these is the NFC technology feature that can be added to Group Play for enhanced interaction.

Truly, the Samsung S4 has shown its prowess with its cutting edge design and features. But in order to make more use of the device, it is advisable to protect it with the cases from stores like those selling mobile phone accessories near you, or online.

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