Google Seeking Public Utilities Access from FCC for Google Fiber

In their latest filing with the FCC Google is requesting that the FCC reclassify broadband internet providers under Title II. Currently providers such as Comcast or AT&T sit as Title I (and sometimes both I & II) which gives them stronger rights and essentially the exclusivity they currently enjoy. This reclassification would allow Google to use the same infrastructure such as telephone poles that are currently off limits. Infrastructure mind you, that taxpayers paid for through subsidies. In their request Google has sited this restriction as one of the largest hindrances to providing high speed fiber optic access to much of the nation.

Google Fiber

While this would certainly hurt the pockets of the current dominant providers it would bring much needed competition to what many feel is an overpriced market. Both the consumer and Google would really benefit from this one.

Fiber Optics

Source: BGR | News Archive