Griffin iTrip Auto Universal Plus Review

Final Thoughts
If you are looking for an FM transmitter for your car then the iTrip Auto Universal Plus is a great choice. There are 2 really big selling points; first since this device uses a standard audio connection you can use this device with pretty much any audio device that has a headphone connection. This makes the list of compatible devices for the iTrip Auto Universal Plus massive! The second feature that really makes this device great is that it does include a USB power port. This means you can charge your device at the same time you are using it play music. And how many devices use a USB cable to charge? I really can’t think of many that don’t.

The SmartScan feature makes it easy for you to find an open station. No one wants to be trying to find an open station and be driving at the same time.

I really did not encounter any issues with this device. It works exactly like it is supposed to and makes listening to your music collection in your car easy. The iTrip Auto Universal Plus sells for around $40 at my favorite online retailer, which for the features is a great deal. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Griffin iTrip Auto Universal Plus a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10 small

– Works with pretty much any device
– USB power port
– Pretty long cable
– SmartScan feature

– None that I found

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