GTA V PC Scam Infects Thousands of PCs World Wide

There are quite some talented people out there as far as hacking expertise is concerned and we have a pretty determined one out there who is trying to use GTA V’s popularity to infest PCs in a large quantity and so far hundreds and thousands of them have been affected by this around the globe. We all have had moments of trouble from fake files but this one has created quite some hype and is surely the king of all the fakes.


There had been news coming in that the leaked PC version of GTA V was spotted and many sites considering it an interesting turn of events, started investigating into this matter. Considering the popularity and superiority of this game, it was quite surprising to find out a similar looking file which was very obviously a scam. But the similarity makes it hard to distinguish and hence many would have believed it to be the original version. Reports from Site metrics and Seed Ratio have revealed that the torrent links have been downloaded by thousands around the globe. The entire package constitutes of a very realistic 18 GB file with a proper setup and this might have gotten PC users to fall for the trap.


It has been quite evident now that millions of fans would have typed “GTA V PC Version” on Google and hit search and the link you get for this download is an exact replica of the original looking GTA V and easily gets people thinking that it really is the original one.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive