GUNNAR Revolutionizes Lens Design with the Liquet Lens

GUNNAR Optiks®, the world leader in digital eyewear, proudly introduces a breakthrough in powerful eye protection with the all-new Liquet Lens™. For well over a decade, GUNNAR has developed lenses to safeguard your vision from the harmful effects of digital eye strain, pioneering the field of computer eyewear in the digital age. Now, GUNNAR raises the bar on both protection and performance, uniting cutting-edge science and technology to unveil an innovation never before seen in the industry. The Liquet Lens™ combines GUNNAR’s proprietary filter that defends against dangerous artificial blue light with a subtle, transparent lens, revolutionizing protective eyewear and entirely changing the game.

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Phones, computers, tablets, and other digital devices expose you daily to potentially harmful artificial blue light that wears on your vision and can lead to severe side effects like cataracts, macular degeneration, blurry vision, dry and scratchy eyes, headaches and poor-quality sleep. GUNNAR’s Liquet Lens™ is the gold standard in modern vision protection from the only digital eyewear company to offer measurable vision protection with their patented Blue-Light Protection Factor (BPF) scale. Similar to the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) scale for sunscreen, the BPF scale accurately measures the degree to which a lens protects your eyes from damaging (HEV) blue light and UV light. The GUNNAR collection features their popular golden-hued Amber lens that offers maximum protection at 65 BPF (blocking a minimum of 65 percent of blue light) and the translucent Crystalline lens, which scores 10 BPF (blocking a minimum of 10 percent of blue light).

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Designed for wearers seeking maximum vision protection without the conspicuous golden tint of GUNNAR’s highest BPF-rated Amber lens, the all-new Liquet Lens™ strikes the perfect balance, intentionally engineered to offer the highest protection rating (35 BPF) available in a discrete, almost colorless lens. This powerfully advanced lens technology blocks a minimum of 35 percent of blue light and 100 percent of UV light, reducing muscular eye strain and minimizing long-term damage, while maintaining an imperceptible appearance. But that isn’t all – this true multi-functional lens also reduces dryness and irritation and provides a balanced color spectrum with anti-glare, anti-reflective coatings, ensuring that you always perform at your best.

Start your year off right by protecting your vision and enhancing your digital performance with the all-new Liquet Lens™, available now in the ultra-popular Enigma, Haus, and Vertex styles. Stay tuned to for more GUNNAR styles featuring the all-new Liquet Lens™ technology, and level up on your protection game.

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