Half-Life Turns 25, Relive the Legend with 25th Anniversary Update, Now on Steam

Half-Life launched 25 years ago this Sunday (November 19, 1998 to be exact) and we felt like a celebration and some attention to the game itself was long overdue. We’re marking the occasion by making Half-Life free-to-keep for anyone adding it to their library this weekend, and putting the rest of the games in the franchise on discount during that time.

Plus, we’ve worked on sprucing up the overall player experience and added or restored content for the game. You can read about the updates in detail on our new webpage created just for this occasion. We also got folks from the original dev team together to talk about their experience making it, and luckily time has not been cruel to their memories.


Check out the cool new webpage we created for the occasion to watch the video and read more about the updates.

Happy Anniversary, Half-Life (now officially verified on Steam Deck too)!

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